…I’d really like people to be closer and more careful to each other. I hope my art will help humans to pay more attention to alive, surrounding world, their real nature, people near by…


Kushnareva Natalia was born in Moscow. She has the diploma of a designer-technologist. All her life she has dealt with different techniques and materials: decorative sculpture, art glass, monumental painting, textile fabrics, mosaic.

Nowadays Natalia is into the fields of architectural design and decoration of residential spaces.

She participated in different festivals of young artists and designers.

The site is representing graphics done in composite technique from 2004 to 2008.

Being an artist, Natalia researches human’s inner world in her creativity. She explores the connection of body and soul, the relation of people’s bodies and souls. She touches upon  female’s aspects of living that are hidden for a common person.



May 1995 – personalexhibition “Moscow from a height”. (Moscow). Sculpture.

October 2001 — “Youth XXV” Art Exhibition. (Moscow). Art glass.

December 2002 SYouth XXV” Art Exhibition. (Moscow). Art glass.tr

October 2005
Youth XXV” Art Exhibition.(Moscow). Art glass.Stroganov's Institute Festival of young designers (Moscow).

April 2008  “Faces and Laces” the festival of actual street fashion and visual communications  (Moscow). Textiles. Masks.

September 2008 – Actual Female Art exhibition in mayor’s office of Moscow.  (Moscow). Graphics.

September 2009 — 3 Moscow biennale of contemporary art. Project «VULNERABILITY».( Moscow). Graphics.

February 2011 - Russian art week. (Berlin, Germany). Graphics. 




© 2008 Natalia Kushnareva